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The company „Części Tir Chlebek” deals with the retail and wholesale of the spare parts for trucks, trailers and buses. The company offers a wide range of parts from well-known foreign suppliers and producers so the quality is really high and the prices are competitive.


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  • drag rods, ball joints
  • silent blocks, bushings, repair kits for suspension
  • shock absorbers for cabin, suspension, grille
  • brake discs, brake drums
  • brake pads
  • pneumatics: brake cylinders, clutch cylinders, dryers, valves, repair kits
  • brake camshafts, repair kits
  • steering wheel switches
  • semitrailer parts
  • fifth wheel coupling parts
  • sensors

  • exhaust parts: mufflers: DINEX
  • lightning devices
  • transmission parts, rear axle parts, repair kits
  • water pumps, repair kits
  • universal joint kits, cross joints
  • clutches: clutch discs, bearings
  • wheel nuts and bolts
  • engine parts: cylinders, pistons, crank shaft pans,
  • gaskets, gasket sets
  • propeller shaft bearings
  • air springs, air springs mountings
  • accessories: warning signs, seat covers and others